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Alice Corovessi

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I have studied Business Administration, Marketing and Computer Programming and began her career in the sector of Tourism and Real Estate. Since 2009 I am actively involved in the promotion of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in the building sector.

I am a founding member of INZEB - Institute of Zero Energy Buildings, a social enterprise serving as an aggregator, operator, documenter and disseminator of knowledge and expertise on issues related to energy saving in the building sector. My primary focus is the development and delivery of green advocacy strategies for medium- and large-scale international real-estate projects that want to disseminate their commitments to strengthening their sustainability and resilience values.

I have been working closely with various EU Institutions, leading all actions related to planning, management, and dissemination of the mission and outcomes of Renovate Europe Campaign, of European Alliance to Save Energy and of the Coalition for Energy Savings in Greece. Furthermore, I am responsible for the formation of the Greek Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). Since September 2016, I am among the EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network (CETN) experts team. The CETN is a funded project by the European Commission (EC) aiming to catalyze partnerships between clean energy stakeholders in the GCC and the EU.

In 2010, I became a member of the TEDx family by giving a presentation at the TEDx Academy event in Athens, on the subject of energy and the upcoming energy standards in Europe. I am a regular writer for high profile industry publications and one of my latest achievements is the publication of the policy paper entitled "Energy Poverty in Greece. Social Innovation Proposal to address the Phenomenon:, which was released in March 2017 and in which I am among the four co-writers.

Awarded by the Association of Energy Engineers in 2017 for the Energy Professional Development in Western Europe Region.