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Raúl Castaño-Rosa

Raúl Castaño-Rosa's picture
Deputy Network Coordinator of the EU FPN, PhD, worker and interested in building energy efficiency, energy and fuel poverty.

Research interests:
I am currently developing my doctoral thesis by analysing different existing indicators on fuel poverty and its relationship to the residential sector. The relationship between the technical aspects, or characteristics of the dwelling, and social situation of fuel poverty, will unify a variety of factors that influences home’s performance.

Fuel/Energy poverty measurement and policy.
Energy affordability.
Energy efficiency.
Public health impacts of cold and warm homes.
Domestic energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Collaboration interests:
I am looking for collaborative partners from across Europe, and interested in collaborative bid writing within my research interest areas.
I am working in order to raise awareness of fuel poverty from "the other" perspective of not being able to keep cool in the summer as opposed to not being able to keep warm in the winter.