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17 Jul 2019

Urban Fuel Poverty

Urban Fuel Poverty Cover

Urban Fuel Poverty describes key approaches to defining and alleviating fuel poverty in cities using a multidisciplinary perspective and multiple case studies. It provides empirical knowledge on the levels and intensities of energy poverty in urban areas, along with new theoretical perspectives in conceptualizing the multidimensionality of energy poverty, with special focus given to the urban environment. Chapters discuss what energy poverty is in terms of taxonomy, stakeholders and affected parties, addressing the role of the economy and energy bills, the role of climate and city factors, the role of buildings, and the health and psychological impact on fuel poverty.

  • Bridges interdisciplinary divides between policy and economy, cities and buildings, and health and society
  • Addresses the physical performance of urban fuel poverty and their effect on thermal comfort and human health
  • Provides strategies and policies to mitigate energy and fuel poverty