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Member State reports on energy poverty (2019)

03 Jun 2020

The EU Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV) is an initiative by the European Commission to support Member States in their efforts to alleviate energy poverty. Its principal mission is to engender transformational change in knowledge about the state of energy poverty in Europe, and innovative policies and practices to reduce it. The creation of EPOV is part of the European Commission’s policy effort to address energy poverty across the EU Member States. The EPOV’s Member State Reports summarise the key aspects of the energy poverty situation in each EU Member State, based on the key indicators, policies and publications we have gathered and published on the EPOV website. The indicators used in the reports are based on data collected by EUROSTAT. The definition of terms used in the reports, further information on policies, organisations and publications and further statistics can be found on the EPOV website ( As the reports have been completed in February 2020, the impacts of the Corona crisis on energy poverty are not reflected in the reports.

For a full coverage of all activities on Energy Poverty by the European Commission, please consult the following webpage: