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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Castaño-Rosa, R.; Barrella, R.; Sánchez-Guevara, C.; Barbosa, R.; Kyprianou, I.; Paschalidou, E.; Thomaidis, N.S.; Dokupilova, D.; Gouveia, J.P.; Kádár, J.; Hamed, T.A.; Palma, P.

The intensity and duration of hot weather and the number of extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, are increasing, leading to a growing need for space cooling energy demand. Together with the building stock’s low energy performance, this phenomenon may also increase households’ energy...Read more

EU Energy Poverty Observatory

The EU Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV) is an initiative by the European Commission to support Member States in their efforts to alleviate energy poverty. Its principal mission is to engender transformational change in knowledge about the state of energy poverty in Europe, and innovative...Read more

ASSIST Consortium

The market behavioural segmentation represents a key preparatory phase for the development of the national and local actions. It will lead to a complete understanding of the actual situation under different aspects: socio-demographic, economic and dwelling characteristics of consumers, but also...Read more

Ecoserveis Association

The Atlas of Initiatives of Energy Poverty in Europe , prepared by the Ecoserveis Association , is the product of an exhaustive review of the practices carried out around Europe at the end of 2016. The document comprises 65...Read more

Oja, L., Vaahtera, A., Vehviläinen, L., Ahvenharju, S., Hakala, L.

The study was commissined by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment to understand the situation on energy poverty in Finland. It discusses the definition of energy poverty, analyses which households are most likely to be affected by energy poverty and presents possible measures to address...Read more