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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Free, S., Howden-Chapman, P., Pierse, N., Viggers, H. and the Housing, Heating and Health Study Research Team

New Zealand homes are underheated by international standards, with average indoor temperatures below the WHO recommended minimum of 188C. Research has highlighted the connection between low indoor temperatures and adverse health outcomes, including social functioning and psychological well-being...Read more

Stewart, J., and Habgood, V.

The links between fuel poverty and poor health are well documented, yet there is no statutory requirement on local authorities to develop fuel poverty strategies, which tend to be patchy nationally and differ substantially in quality. Fuel poverty starts from the perspective of income, even...Read more

Ortiz, J., and Salom, J.

This report estimates the effects of housing quality and energy renovations on the health of occupants. The study includes an approximation of the costs in the Spanish health system that can be avoided through the improvement of the quality of the Spanish housing stock.Read more


The aim of this report is to examine the positive effects of the renovation of homes in Spain. First, this can improve the health of citizens. Second, it can increase the resilience of buildings in the face of extreme climatic events, whose frequency is likely to increase in the coming years as...Read more