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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Baker, K.J., Mould, R., & Restrick, S.

The Scottish Government’s statistics now show that rural households spend more on energy to heat their homes than urban equivalents. However, research conducted by the project team using data from households in Renfrewshire has found this ‘energy spend gap’ is more significant than those...Read more

Rugkåsa, J., Shortt, N., and Boydell L.

Through ADHAZ’s Housing Programme, the “Home is where the heat is” partners sought to identify and address some of the issues resulting from fuel poverty and affecting health and quality of life. The aim was to tackle fuel poverty through improving energy efficiency of houses and to increase...Read more

Mould, R., Baker, K.J., & Emmanuel, R.

The fuel poor are those households that must spend more than 10% of their income to sustain a reasonable heating regime. The measures for fuel poverty in Scotland depend on a fuel spend for modelled energy use patterns, while England and Wales have adopted a relative measure of population...Read more

Mould, R., & Baker, K.J.

Internationally, previous studies have investigated the impact of socio-economic and physical dwelling factors on household electricity consumption however, to date, few such studies have been conducted in the UK. Jones et al. (2015) identify six studies that have accessed actual (as opposed to...Read more

Walker, Ryan; Liddell, Christine; McKenzie, Paul; Morris, Chris

Recent audits have shown that anti-fuel poverty policies in the UK depend on loosely defined targeting and cannot accurately identify fuel poor households. New methods of targeting are necessary to improve fuel poverty policy. This paper uses Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques to...Read more