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Relevant Organisations

Chair of Energy and Poverty (Cátedra de Energía y Pobreza)

Tags: CommunitiesEnergy auditsEquity and justiceVulnerability

Comillas Pontifical University, through its School of Engineering (ICAI) and with the collaboration of a group of companies in the energy sector and social partners (NGOs and organizations), created the Chair of Energy and Poverty. This was constituted in a privileged environment from which it is possible to give coherence to studies, legislative proposals, training and dissemination actions that contribute to mitigation and ideally the eradication of energy poverty in Spain.

From the Chair of Energy and Poverty, we want to make an important contribution to the search and implementation of solutions to the problem of poverty and specifically in its aspect related to energy. To make this, we develop our activity in two directions: (1) to carry out bottom-up interdisciplinary research and (2) to serve as a meeting point to facilitate contact between entities and people involved in the fight against energy poverty.

The goal of this interdisciplinary investigation is not only to group together different investigation areas (engineering, social work, law, business), but also to create a knowledge interchange to contribute to the solution of energy poverty. This allows a broader view of the issue than the approach of a single discipline. A key point in this line of work is the combination of general approaches with the particular ones that begin with direct contact with the problem of poverty linked to energy.

Community building (Samenlevingsopbouw)

Tags: NGOsSocial housingEquity and justice

This NGO is active in the fight against exclusion and deprivation, by engaging with people in socially vulnerable situations to ensure that their needs are taken into account in the formulation of structural policy changes. Access to basic social rights is their priority, which includes also right to affordable energy and energy-efficient housing.

Consumer empowerment in a smart meter world (SMART-UP)

Tags: Energy auditsSmart metersSocial workersVulnerability

The SMART-UP project encourages the active use of smart meters and in-home displays by vulnerable consumers to change their energy behaviour. Social workers and other frontline staff have been trained to advise and empower vulnerable households to become more energy efficient. The target is to engage 5,000 vulnerable households in total.