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Relevant Organisations


E-Control is the regulatory agency for the Austrian electricity market. It monitors the situation of energy poverty and informs the public debate by publishing regular reports on the status of energy poverty. It played a key role in investigating different options and deciding on the energy poverty definition used by the Austrian government.

Eaga Charitable Trust

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Eaga Charitable Trust (Eaga CT) is an independent grant-giving trust that supports work that contributes to understanding and addressing the causes and effects of fuel poverty, including health impacts. We aim to promote a sound evidence base to underpin decision-making in relation to the public’s health and wellbeing and combatting fuel poverty. We support the broader societal aims of eradicating fuel poverty, improving health and wellbeing and reducing inequalities.

Energiaklub (Energiaklub)

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ENERGIAKLUB has remained true to its unique mission, having spent 25 years in creating a new awareness in Hungary. With our research, training courses, and wide-reaching communication, our aim is to make energy producers, users and perhaps even political decision-makers regard energy in a different way. A rational use of our dwindling resources, an economy based on diverse local resources, a change in energy-wasting consumer habits; these are all part of the solutions which our organisation supports through its work.

Energy Action

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Energy Action has as its mission statement to address the thermal needs of the elderly and needy, and to provide training and employment opportunities for long-term unemployed people that are creative, sustainable and ecologically sound. Two of its main objectives are to alleviate fuel poverty by provision of free insulation in the homes of the elderly and disadvantaged, and to increase the energy efficiency of the dwellings of the needy and fuel poor.