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Affordable Warmth and Health Impact Evaluation Toolkit

This toolkit provides guidance on how to plan and undertake an impact evaluation to understand the effects of an affordable warmth scheme for health and wellbeing. Impact evaluation looks at whether a programme has made a difference - in terms of achieving the desired outcomes. A health and wellbeing impact evaluation asks specifically about what difference the programme has made to the health and wellbeing of intended beneficiaries.

The toolkit is designed to help you establish an association between interventions and health outcomes, but it will not take you to a level where you can establish that the intervention caused the health outcome. For this reason, you should be careful with the language you use in reporting so that you do not over claim effects of the interventions.

This toolkit provides advice on:

  •  Deciding whether or not to conduct a health and wellbeing impact evaluation
  •  Planning and designing your evaluation
  •  Involving the health sector with your evaluation
  •  Making choices about type of evaluation design
  •  Choosing the research tools best suited to your evaluation
  •  What data will you need to collect for a health and wellbeing impact evaluation
  •  Using ready-made health questionnaires
  •  Analysing your data
  •  Other forms of evaluation to consider
  •  Thinking about ethics, consent and data management
  •  Reporting with impact
  •  Signposting to other resources which may be helpful